Units with 8 showers

The units are equipped with a gas-fired hot water supply, with a generous capacity, and have an extremely practical layout. In this unit too, Post Sanitairverhuur has taken the wishes of the users into consideration.

The unit meets all the demands as far as hygiene, environment and safety are concerned. Special water heaters have been installed, which prevent any legionella infection from the showers. The units are easy to deliver and pick up, being compatible with many of the customary transport systems.

The Type 3 units, for example, are the perfect solution for organisers of multi-day events and leisure companies. Place the unit, connect the water and drainage and get showering!

Always sufficient hot water

This unit is equipped with a gas-fired hot water installation with an ample capacity. The hot water is controlled by an advanced system, so everyone can enjoy a shower without that well-known, unexpected cold water shock.

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