Units with 6 toilets and 5 urinals

This well-thought-out combination of 5 ladies’ toilets, 1 gents’ toilet and 5 urinals is suitable for use at a variety of small and medium-sized events. Here too, Post Sanitairverhuur paid attention to what users of its material had to say, when designing the exceptionally practical layout of this unit, which is already enjoying great popularity.

The clean, fresh colours, the high-end materials and the well-thought out finish are of course standard to all models. With our usual attention to detail, we have put extra thought into the mechanical ventilation in this unit. This unit can be set up apart, or coupled to a party tent. The entrance to both compartments can be closed by way of sturdy shutters.

As with all other Post Sanitairverhuur units, this model too is equipped with standardised couplings for water and electricity and stands on a transport carriage which can be used by various transport systems.

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